Seven Communications

PR Stunt Video & Photography

Seven Communications services their clients with PR, digital and events. They service numerous leading brands and organisations.

Content King Productions has serviced Seven Communications with video production services, along with photography for PR stunts, event coverage, press video clips and social media video.


Here are a few examples the work provided for their clients as a white label extension to their team.


  • PR videos

We have worked for World Animal Protection both directly and through Seven Communication PR agency over many years now.


World Animal Protection – have been around for 50 + years now. This organisation has been campaigning for and making a real difference to animals being protected from all manner of harmful situations and treatment.


We have supported this team for PR stunt video, specifically for press clips at events, or at high traffic locations. Our latest outing with this great bunch of people was two-fold, with the same PR stunt being set up and replicated in Sydney and Auckland.


The highlight of the event was an organised Flashmob outside KFC outlets in the respective CBDs.


  • PR photography

We also had a photographer to provide press ready stills on low-res and hi-res versions. These images are used for both press and social media.


  • Press Distribution

As the video content and stills were needed for TV news segments and press we had to have everything uploaded onto a digital platform within an hour of the PR stunt.


All to create awareness and promote environmental and social issues, while being directly proactive in helping both issues.


You can see our other work for Seven Communications including an Alibaba Launch event and testimonial video and TOMRA.

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