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Furniture Promo Video

  • Promo for Bedroom Furniture

Manufacturer and distributer of bedroom furniture – Ever Design Group needed a promotional video furniture.  

  • Australian Made Award Winning

They wanted to endorse several points of difference. Firstly, that they are local Australian made high-end product. In addition, they enjoy a long-term and award-winning relationship with two of the biggest retailers supplying bedroom furniture in Australia.

  • New Operation and Premises

Above all, they wanted to showcase their new larger premises increasing their capacity and operational capabilities.


Our brief was to capture the size and scope of the new premises and workforce in action.

  • Drone Footage

As a result, the client wanted as many elevated shots as possible. Both outside and inside the building. Therefore, we recommended a drone. Unfortunately, the proximity of their warehouse was within a flight restricted area. Being close to an airfield, CASA rules restricted us from using the drone outside. However, this didn’t stop us using a drone inside the building to great effect.

  • Gimbal and Drone

Using a combination of a gimbal and the drone, we took the audience on a unique tour of the facility. For instance, highlighting the different sections of the three warehouses and their different parts to play in the craftsmanship and carpentry. Their hardwood factory included top-of-the-line machinery for cutting, shaping and painting wood.

  • Promo Video

We tailored this promo video to demonstrate the detail that goes into making this bedroom furniture. This also endorsed the fact that all of their products are Australian made from start to finish. The camera angles, sweeping movements, pull-focus effects and elevated vantage all evoked a sense of craftsmanship and care.

  • Elegant Editing Transitions

We wanted a stylistic audio-visual promo for bedroom furniture. That is to say, the music choice and elegant editing transitions needed to emulate the award-winning company’s high expectations on their pursuit of excellence.

This promo video was completed for a convention. In addition, it will be used on social media too.

  • Gliding Gimbal Shot

This was used as a promo video at a trade event as well as an advertising video.

Furniture Promo Video Ever Design Group
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