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Testimonial Video - Industry Event

On approaching their 15-year anniversary, NGO Recruitment wanted to create a marketing / testimonial video. To this end, the client invited a cross section of typical clients and candidates to talk about their positive experiences.

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We scheduled filming all three volunteer candidates on the same day using the client’s boardroom for two of the interviews. The challenge with using the same space (boardroom) is trying to create the different looks so it feels like another location. However, a great camera operator can accomplish this. With the right frame composition, a little imagination and a few lights, you feel like you’re in different locations. To finish, we went to the third interviewee’s office at a different location.

We also planned the b-roll needs for overlay. With this in mind, we invited interviewees to supply appropriate video showing their business’s profile, created by them in the past, if available. We then set up a couple of internal office scenarios for our client, between interviews, to create a short journey/story of a ‘day in the life’ of their key executive who was also a focus of the video.

We developed the brief, with the client, to maximise the production and to illustrate the company’s excellent reputation. Using testimonials and case study experiences, we created a primary video with third party endorsements. And then a shorter congratulatory video acknowledging their anniversary.

This video showcased the company’s excellent reputation at an event consisting of peers and potential new clients. Third party endorsement using testimonial videos is a great marketing tool.

The production was filmed with consideration for a diverse range of bite-size social media content.

The anniversary video can be seen below.

You can see more on how the client used the video here.

Testimonial Video - Industry Event
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