PR Launch Event Videos & Photography

TOMRAs is all about sustainability with a huge impact across environmental (E), social (S) and corporate governance (G) issues. We were there to create the PR Launch Event Videos and Photography.


Their Return & Earn scheme takes recycling and resource management to the masses all over the world.

TOMRA Australia

Every year TOMRA nominate a new charity to support and use their platform and infrastructure to support each organisation lending PR support and donations through the TOMRA recycling initiative.

We have been on hand to assist TOMRA with:

  • PR videos

This footage was supplied as clips and not edited for use on TV, the press and TOMRA social media videos. And;

  • PR photography

These images are used for the press and social media.

All to create awareness and promote environmental and social issues, while being directly proactive in helping both issues.

Including organisations like The Starlight Foundation and Youth Off The Street.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg the iceberg to use an environmental analogy.

TOMRA was one of many referrals from Seven Communication who we have also worked with for other clients both directly and indirectly including Alibaba and World Animal Protection.

TOMRA Global

Return & Earn TOMRA Charity - TOMRA & Youth Off the Street colleagues
Play Video about Return & Earn TOMRA Charity - TOMRA & Youth Off the Street colleagues
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