Product Videos

Photographic art gallery needed product videos for their digital gallery and online commerce side of the business. As a result, we created a series of digital promo videos. This offered customers a glimpse of the different framing and mounted finishes offered for all of their photographic artwork.

Firstly, on a recce visit to the art gallery, we assessed the opportunity for their promotional videos. Our client offered some examples on their preferred stylistic approach. Secondly, we created a detailed shot list to articulate each videos’ aesthetic options.

As the gallery was open during office hours, we accommodated an evening shoot.

The filming set-ups were carefully crafted with some macro and micro considered shots. 

Therefore, we created the videos to a similar format. And finally, we returned to the client’s office for them to personally record the videos’ voiceover. This also saved the client money.

Most importantly, each digital promo video also served as an advertising video. This enabled the client to use these videos as individual product videos on their web site. In conclusion, this showcased the framing for each option. And how beautiful these pictures look.

They also worked as social media advertising videos.

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Product Videos - Acrylic Mount
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