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HUB24  had a precise brief and concept on how they wanted to deliver their social media “Behind the Scenes” video. This corporate video was produced to provide the HUB24 clients (new and existing) with more information on the company. Specifically the operational divisions that make up the company, as well as introducing each executive in charge of the day-to-day services. And to demonstrate why they are:


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Our client had a very specific idea and ‘polished’ brief, with script, which was fun and simple while also offering an effective practical visual that embodied their approach to projects and ability to work as a team.

Our production team also provided guidance on translating their script visually and delivering the key messaging using their brief. While working to a tight schedule, our crew always take the time to find the most aesthetically pleasing shots, in this case, to showcase the HUB24 head office in the city.

Our crew always take the time to work with the presenters on their delivery of the script and offer guidance and tips to get the best outcome. This help is offered prior to the production and on the day as we also understand that clients can have very busy schedules. So we fit in as needed.

Based on the client’s very specific brief, the edit was a fast and straight forward process.

The outcome was a balanced corporate and fun delivery of the key messaging with a ‘light touch’.

The filming process, which was a mixture of nerves and fun, also inspired the client to request an additional Bloopers Reel of their executives getting through experience.

It’s not easy getting up in front of the camera. You can see the Blooper Reel on our CK Blog Magasine page – HUB24 Bloopers Reel Blog

The end result was exactly what the client wanted and can be seen on their social media channels including YouTube and LinkedIn.

Corporate Social Media Video - HUB24
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