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  • Social Media Ads and Testimonial Videos

Our client asked us to continue a series of videos with their customers offering their experiences dealing with Smart Energy. We were asked to provide a main testimonial hero video, along with social media ads format cutdowns for Facebook.  

After working with the client remotely as they are based in northern NSW, we developed the brief and their specific requirements for a hero testimonial video and then some very specific social media cutdowns.

We filmed two sets of customers that were living in the same building and shared the installation of solar panels on the roof and separate specific requirements from Solar Energy.

We planned for a one day shoot amortising the time over the two sets of customers keeping the budget to a minimum, while still achieving the best end results.

Due to client schedules and their clients’ convenience, we prepared for a weekend Sunday shoot. Then due to the need for some drone footage and the weather not permitting the best outcome for the video, on the shoot day, we returned a few days later to complete the video at no extra cost to the client.

From the testimonial hero video, we extracted the client’s key messaging.

We created both, a 15′ and 30′ second  Facebook formatted ads.

You can see the main video here.

And one of the social media formatted ads can be seen below.

Social Media Ads - Smart Energy
Play Video about Smart Energy Social Media a Ads
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