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Corporate Branded Content

Corporate Branded Content


We often get new clients coming to us with an idea of what they want to achieve. But often needing a little help to realise their plans. Marketing through corporate branded content is a good way to reach your clients. Therefore, when it comes to corporate services, it’s always good to get experts that are top-of-their-game discussing:


Relevant Information

Market Conditions

Easy/Fast solutions


Initially, we came up with a format that suited our client’s end goal. And also allowed for executives’ busy schedules. We know that your marketing video is important to you. And it’s also difficult for you to spend time developing ideas and rehearsing them. As a result, we consider the best options for key messaging. We achieve this through some basic pre-production, which we assist you with. We also achieve this with the way we shoot the video production. Consequently, our methods get the best performance to camera.


G&H Financial want to create an ongoing series. Above all, these videos highlight best-in-class advice from our client, along with a guest affiliate company for each series. These corporate branded content videos focus on relevant topics specific to the market conditions. And how they can help. Most importantly, we recommend highlighting specific case studies to endorse your point.


This corporate video production was professional in a relaxed environment. A friendly breakfast discussion between our client and their affiliate using the Sydney Harbour as our scenic backdrop.


The pre-production process is made easy. Firstly, we listen to what you want and then create a step by step guide. This includes helpful hints for planning. Then, we apply all production needs and style based on a developed brief. We then created key point parameters to work around with a plan for the post-production. The ideas were simple and effective. This helped the presenters give their best performance.


The video production set-up, and schedule, is considered for our executives ease. They walk in, perform to camera, and get back to their daily routine.


Our post-production process is designed for our client’s ease. We take the lead on finessing the format and the performances. And give all stakeholders the opportunity for feedback.


The outcome is a very successful series of corporate videos (series one). This has led to series two and three being confirmed already.


On demand, we offer performance coaching for presenters as part of our corporate video services. Executives can benefit from training in show-craft.


You can see some of the video series as distributed by the client’s guest affiliate at LinkedIn:



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