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The WWF have been working with photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz on a world tour called “Water Stories”. This photographic exhibition highlights the global water crisis and its effect on people and the environment.

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For the Australian part of the tour, over the month of September 2017, it was displayed at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.  It then went to the Southbank, The Clem Jones Promenade as part of the International River Foundation in Brisbane.

This long term ongoing project was first displayed in August 2011 in Stockholm and has since been to London, Hong Kong, New York and Vancouver.

We captured the highlights in this video for Social Media. To find out more about this initiative please visit The Water Hub.

  • Timelapse video

We also created a teaser timelapse video of the exhibition set up, which was used on social media. You can also see this timelapse video below.

Environmental PR Videos
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