Media Consultant


There are many considerations in the process of creating your project:

  • the key cast will be important to the creative and commercial opportunities.
  • Above the line key crew
  • Production Budget
  • Locations (state and federal assistance)
  • Financing the budget (state and federal assistance)
  • Distribution opportunities
  • Below the line key crew
  • Production (as needed – shot list, schedule, etc.)

We can assist in presenting your options and best practices in getting your film development the best opportunities.


The TV landscape is changing with the introduction of streaming channels and high tech home entertainment systems. There are new opportunities and challenges with getting your TV project to air. Depending on the genre of your project, we can make recommendations for a pathway to commercialisation.


In a world where the audiences have splintered onto various digital platforms, social media and streaming, your options for getting your project seen has increased. And with the Web 3.0 and AI on the horizon, where will your project get the best response.


Each project will require a similar approach for packaging as a production and distribution commodity but will also have very unique needs based on a number of factors.

Film, and media generally, is never a one-size-fits-all product. Every film or TV show will be considered based on various elements including the following:

  • genre
  • target audience
  • marquee talent appeal
  • budget
  • production values
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