Film and TV Development & Distribution

Film Development

If you have a film concept or script, we can help you navigate the many different considerations that will add value to your project’s commercial potential. Or if you want someone to help manage the business while you concentrate on the creative, call us.

TV Development

Do you want to take your TV concept to the next level? Whether you have a drama, factual or reality TV show, you will need a strategy to develop the show into a plan that will attract audiences.

With audience habits changing, you will need more than a good idea or story to go from script to screen.

Local Distribution

Film and TV projects need a pathway to commercialisation.

For film this can involve a high-profile cinema launch that can increase the project’s value through to the home entertainment options which are more high profile in themselves with the many streaming channels.

Traditional TV is changing with these new competing streaming options. There are varying ways to get your project made depending on your projects’ audience trends. You need to consider the best way forward to get your projects seen.

International Sales

Film and TV projects need a distribution strategy. In many cases, the international sales are a part of the financing plan that leads to getting them made. There are also more conduits to audience acquisition in the new media era with the Fourth Revolution on the horizon.

An international sales agent will consult on the film distribution considerations from script stage. This will offer each project some additional advantages for commercial success and can also create some opportunities for some early territory sales, which can be used to as part of the investment. 

A sales agent will need:

  • a good script.
  • a credible creative team in key roles – mainly writer and director.
  • possibly an additional producer with notable credits.
  • at least one known actor on the international circuit.
  • you can, and should, consider international co-production projects with international cast that are well known in territories with larger market share.
  • to have the worldwide distribution rights
  • you can create key art and associated marketing material to entice early sales.
  • you could make an early teaser trailer as part of the production (when possible).
  • attend film markets
  • research key territory distributors to target sales for specific projects.
  • make early sales in some smaller territories to underwrite the film’s production budget while leaving some territories unsold to create a blue-sky return opportunity.
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