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Professional Event Video Sydney – #1 video production company specialising in creating premium-quality corporate event videos.

Events provide organisations with a diversity of excellent opportunities to promote and boost awareness of their brand or message. Covering everything from trade shows, public event highlights & festivals to seminars, meetings, conference video and more. Event Video Production can help you 

For your Event or Conference Video needs in Sydney

Much more than a great way of showing consumers what you have been doing, event videos enable you to:

  • Connect with existing and potential customers/clients.
  • Learn more about your key audience. Making event videos elements of your marketing plan/strategy allows you to learn who is interested in your brand, products and/or services and what appeals to them most.
  • Develop an inviting, open online presence helps your business stand out from the competition. Event highlights videos make your brand more transparent and subsequently increase the trust consumers have in your brand/services/products.
  • Increase brand awareness. A marketing strategy involving promotional event videos raises brand awareness by demonstrating to viewers that your business plays an active, leading role within your industry or sector.

Promote Your Business with Event Video

  • Promote your business. Nothing is quite as effective in boosting consumer confidence as peer reviews (word of mouth endorsements). Filming corporate event videos allows you to incorporate both audience opinions and testimonials/reviews into promotional materials.
  • Produce excellent, incredibly cost-effective audio-visual marketing materials. Internet users love videos that show what your company’s been up to, educate and/or entertain. Offering all this without having to set things up especially (and without the cost of doing so!), event videos make fantastic promo video material that can be used to increase brand awareness while simultaneously encouraging both leads and sales.

Video Can Highlight Your Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Improve event performance. Reviewing your conference videos enables your team to effectively identify potential weaknesses and strengths, which allows you to strengthen your training (i.e. teaching staff how to effectively perform/promote your brand to a target audience at your events).

Event Videos Can Tell Your Story

  • Build an archive that tells prospective customers the story of your business and what your company has achieved.
  • Create materials for a multitude of purposes. Event and conference videos lend themselves perfectly for use as lead-generating videos on YouTube/Vimeo and can be edited easily to create short educational or promotional films, as well as being ideal for showing at other event highlights.

Why Use Content King for Sydney Event Highlights - Video Production?

  • Giving you just one shot at getting everything right, event filming is one of the most demanding tasks in event video production – and may present you with a variety of organisational and technical problems.

    Boasting an excellent track record and years of experience in filming high-quality event videos (check out some examples of our work here), the Content King Event video production team in Sydney has the specialist know-how, skills and high-tech equipment to anticipate and effectively deal with potential problems.

    Producing event videos of the highest quality, we are here to assist – just let us know what you want, and we’ll make it happen – within budget and on time.

    For some additional event footage of a Gala Event that we filmed last year please click here.

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