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Deloitte needed a series of –  corporate videos to cover their Bribery and Corruption Report for 2020. They came to Content King Productions as a new supplier and asked us if we could turn eight animated videos around in two weeks with effects. We said yes, of course.


Firstly, we filmed two executives over two states, NSW and QLD, matching the frame for each presenter. Secondly, we came up with a stylistic approach for all of the videos using their scripts.

Consequently, we offered the client a small selection of approaches based on their initial example style guides.

Based on their feedback, we created a standard animated intro with a fly-through effect for infographics. This culminated in a reveal of the over-arching video report title. Then we transitioned to each individual focus-title as a new animated infographic.

After that we created a format that would suit the content and delivery of the key messaging. Then we went to work on the details applying infographics to endorse major points of concern.

There were also main themes throughout the series. For example, “reputation economy” was a recurring term that needed to stand out across all videos while highlighting different considerations within the series and key messaging.

As options, we carefully selected music tracks based on the presenter delivery that could soften the tone. In addition, we offered several choices that would reinforce the tone. The client chose the latter.

In conclusion, we delivered all eight videos with a day to spare and with a very happy client. You can see episode eight on “Culture” on this case study.

You can see these videos at the client’s distribution platform for this report at this – link.

Our client was very complimentary about our “responsive and prompt turnaround”.

This was a great client to work with and we look forward to assisting them with their future corporate video needs, including animated corporate videos.

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