Corporate Recruitment Video

Recruitment Video

HSBC needed a social media recruitment video. This needed to showcase the many positive reasons for choosing a career with them. And, in the same vein, it was a walk-through of their new state of the art offices at Tower One Barangaroo.

Corporate Video Preferred Supplier

As a preferred supplier of HSBC for corporate videos, we are often in their head office. As a result, we have been lucky enough to film at Tower One Barangaroo many times. This is in addition to filming all three “Topping Out” ceremonies for Lend Lease (see Lend Lease PR Video).

Internal Comms

We have filmed a number of Internal Comms videos for HSBC. This includes the CEO addressing the staff, information videos for events and new compliance updates. We worked with the HSBC Communications team on a regular basis.

Dynamic Video

Subsequently, when the Comms team needed to reach a wider audience on social media, they called us. We were tasked with creating a dynamic recruitment video to entice new staff. We needed a much wider audience and offered information on the progressive way in which HSBC empower their staff. To highlight this, we showcased the environment with VoxPop from staff on them managing their own schedules. Hot desks and working from home part-time was part of this new corporate world. To demonstrate the prestige of the new Sydney premier business district, it was decided to use some drone footage.

Drone Video Filming

To film a fly-through from the Anzac bridge to Barangaroo we took a barge out on Sydney Harbour. During this excursion, we were able to reposition the barge as needed to get some amazing aero drone camera work.

Social Media Video

 To sum up, this corporate video was a fly-on-the-wall look at the positive working lifestyle that was available at HSBC. And above all, it was a great way to showcase the new and impressive business district at Barangaroo.

Working at HSBC

Corporate Recruitment Video - Working at HSBC
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