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Our client needed an updated and a more relevant Company Video for their web site. In addition, they wanted something concise and dynamic to accompany their presentations. This Corporate Video for web site also needed to attract and inform international clients. To accommodate this, we created four different versions. One English and three with different language subtitles.

  • Promotional Videos

In the first instance we assessed their needs based on a previous video and their web site information. Then we had a meeting with them to get their feedback on their priorities for key messaging and stylistic approach.

Most importantly, they needed an overview of their entire offering. This needed to be condensed from their previous video, which had a nine-minutes running time, to two minutes.

As a result, we created a script, for approval, to convey their company overview. Based on this script, we compiled a number of different stock footage clips to articulate the company and its capabilities and ideology. This  included their renewable energy focus. As always, we worked within a budget while offering the client the best options.

In addition to getting the vision exactly right to represent our client’s broad range of services, we considered every detail including a very precise voiceover choice. To clarify, they wanted the voiceover to sound very similar to their previous artist. We delivered this outcome.

  • Sub titles videos

Above all the video had to demonstrate the company’s authority and presence in their particular field of expertise as a visual presentation. Moreover, this Corporate Video needed to communicate with international clients. So consequently, we had to make corporate video subtitles in the following languages:

Spanish Corporate Video with subtitles

Chinese Corporate Video with subtitles

Arabic Corporate Video with subtitles

This English language video can be seen on ADEA Power’s LinkedIn page.

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