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Product Videos – Art Gallery

Framed ArtShot – is a Sydney photography art gallery with a new ecommerce store. The brief was to create product videos for marketing on their new web site (digital gallery and store).


In light of this, each of their framing products needed explainer video examples specifically to highlight each option. These were filmed with a sense of artistic integrity with intent to evoke a reaction, hence creating the visceral nature of art and photography.


Based on the available choices we crafted six product demo videos in order to showcase each framing and display option. This one, the Framed ArtShot is:

  •  wrapped in either a black or white traditional aluminium frame.

  • with a large mat border gives your artwork a gallery look.

After initial discussions, we visited the photographic gallery for a recce and assessment of the venue. As a result, while using the brief along with the voiceover script, we were able to create the production shot-list. In view of this planning we managed a very specific stylistic filming approach.


Our crew used the gallery’s environment and lighting with sweeping dolly shots to highlight the artwork in their various frames and display cases. These dynamic but measured movements gave the viewer a better perspective, for the purpose of considering their specific needs.


Each product video needed to do justice to the photographers and above all, their amazing photographs.


To suit the budget and client’s creative vision, we were able to utilise a member of their team to provide the voiceover for all videos. Bringing the recording equipment to the client’s offices we created an easy and polished read through.


In summary, our producer took the client’s very specific brief/creative vision and made the process very simple. Content King Productions delivered a very elegant product video specifically relevant to each framing option (as can be seen at the top of the page) for prospective buyers of the art to choose their display preference.

Furthermore, if you would like to see more from this art gallery and the amazing photography please go to