PR Video (Year in Review)

PR Video

Camden Council Achievements 2018 – 2019


Camden Council wanted to communicate the year in review to their internal teams and the public with a focus on the many projects and events that took place as a retrospective. They also needed to cater to specific and slightly different audiences with their PR video content.


We assessed the brief and long list of achievements and recommended that two videos be created to allow the content to focus on areas that were more specific to each audience and contain the duration of the videos. The two videos were created for the different audience priorities using a uniform visual style.


The Internal Video was created with a deadline for an annual council staff meeting highlighting some of the teams and their executive officer’s feedback on each accomplishment.


The second video was created in a similar format but as a general overview snapshot of the accomplishments and projects delivered to the public.


The stylistic approach was to offer the audience a dynamic overview of the year by employing some basic After Effects using the clients corporate colour palette, along with some dynamic transitions.


We established the main points of the script for the voiceover and worked with the client to refine the key messaging and applying the right voiceover talent to suit their preferred style and tone.


We curated and delivered music options, again based on the client’s brief, for context of key messaging while also conveying an emotive reaction to the content.


The delivery was an engaging video showcasing their corporate landmark moments, event highlights and a marketing video that connects with the community.