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Welcome to Content King Event Video Production Sydney – Your Local Specialist in the Production of High-Quality Corporate Event Videos.

Corporate events offer many outstanding opportunities to boost consumers’ awareness of your brand. Covering everything from conferences, meetings & seminars to trade shows, festivals & public events and more, CK Event Video Productions can help you get even more out of these events.

Why Produce Event Videos?

Producing videos of your corporate events enables you to:

Connect with people face to face – across all walks of life and regardless of geographical, demographic and cultural boundaries.

Discover new things about your target audience. Used as part of your marketing strategy, event video can assist you in learning who shows the most interest in your brand and what they find most appealing.

Develop an open, inviting online presence. Making your brand much more transparent, event videos increase consumers’ trust in you/your products/services and help your business stand out from competitors.

Increase brand awareness. Making promotional event videos an element of your wider marketing strategy/campaigns increases awareness of your brand by showing viewers that you are an active business playing a leading role within your industry/sector.

Promote your company. Filming event videos gives you the opportunity to capture audience testimonials and vox pops to integrate into your promotional material. Nothing boosts consumer confidence quite like peer reviews – which are considered as valuable as recommendations from family and friends.

Produce outstanding, exceptionally cost-effective video marketing material. Internet users simply love videos that entertain, educate and/or show what your brand’s been up to. Doing all this without the expense of specially setting things up, event videos act as promotional video material that simultaneously encourages brand awareness, leads & sales.

Improve your event performance. Watching your event videos allows your team to pin-point potential weaknesses & strengths and enables you to strengthen your training, i.e. teaching your staff how to perform and effectively promote your brand to your key target audience at events.

Build an archive. Producing promotional Web videos is not merely about achieving your immediate marketing goals – it is also about the future. An archive of event videos tells your business’ story and shows prospective customers what you have achieved.

Create multi-purpose material. Even videos can be used for lead generation purposes on Vimeo and YouTube; edited to create short promotional or educational films or screened at future events.

Why Use CK Event Video Production Sydney?

Event filming is among the most demanding types of corporate video production. Not only do you have the event itself to deal with, you must also coordinate everyone involved and figure out how to prevent getting in the event’s way.

Then, of course, there is the necessary equipment to think about. Lighting, for instance, can be especially challenging in large venues/clubs or when filming outside. If a venue’s sound equipment is below standard or actively interferes with your equipment, you may also experience sound-related issues.

In event video production, you only get one shot at getting it right. Boasting years of experience and an excellent track record in producing premium-quality event videos (see some of our work here), the CK event video production team can anticipate potential problems and have the specialist skills, know-how and equipment to effectively deal with them.

When it comes to producing event videos, CK Video Productions is the way to go. Just tell us what you need, and we will make it happen…

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