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CK Corporate Videos Sydney specialise in producing corporate, promotional, advertising and branded content; event, OH&S and instructional videos and more.

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Using facial expressions and tone of voice – as well as emotional music – well-made corporate videos have the capacity to emotionally connect with viewers and thereby generate the kind of trust needed to establish long, strong relationships with them to a much greater extent than is possible with written content.

This makes audio visual content THE most effective – and certainly the most popular – method of reaching and engaging target audiences across the vast array of platforms populating the 21st Century’s digital landscape.

Corporate videos are, however, not just about effectively communicating your company’s message/s or promoting your services/products. Having a video embedded on your Website, on YouTube and/or social media platforms also improves your:

  • Ability to optimise future audio-visual content
  • E-mail campaigns’ open/click-through rates
  • Search engine optimisation (search engines LOVE video content!)
  • Conversion rates, as well as having the potential to generate direct sales

Using this emotive, highly effective medium to reach an audience of key interest to your service/products/brand or convey your company’s message/s makes it necessary to connect with consumers in such a way that it:

  • Reaches as wide a target audience as possible
  • Delivers your message/s in a concise, clear fashion, and
  • Resonates (i.e. evokes an emotional response and engagement) with the audience

Application of your video/media content across our digital landscape’s many different platforms makes having a considered plan imperative.

CK Corporate Videos Sydney

We can help you develop your concept or work with your brief to deliver top quality videos that:

  • Are focused on your plan/videos’ goals
  • Take modern native advertising & communication standards into account
  • Can be integrated into multi-platform campaigns
  • Will engage your audience, and
  • Convey your brand’s message/s to perfection

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Whether your requirements are those of a traditional landscape or a quest for new media solutions; whatever your message, format requirements or creative style, we will deliver the perfect audio-visual solution within your specific time frame and budget.

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