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Video Planning

Video Planning


At the beginning of 2020, one of our client’s HUB24 came to us with a series of projects for early video planning purposes. This included the following:


Investment Managers’ Focus


These Corporate Videos were a great idea by our client HUB24 to endorse their symbiotic relationship with investment organisations that use their software. They extended an invitation to their client’s to be filmed as a promo video, highlighting their own company, while also talking about the benefits provided by HUB24’s technology and software products. The video planning included a cost breakdown of multiple video needs.


This created the following opportunity combined in one Marketing Video:


Promo videos

Affiliate Testimonial videos


Video Planning Details

Our client extended this filming opportunity across the board to their clients and the take-up was excellent. Originally, we had to plan for 16 individual videos. Consequently, we had two filming days planned. However, the second filming date was the day after the time of the Covid19 social distancing advice and the total number of video participants became 12 as there were some last-minute cancellations.


Video Planning and Timing (Make the most of your film crew)

Subsequently, due to the Covid19 announcements, this afforded our client to get some well-timed feedback from their affiliates on the market affects. This provided our client with some top-level opinions and advice on the best way to ‘ride the storm’ of this global pandemic. Moreover, it provided some considerations that could prevent panic and maintain some stability with the economy in this unprecedented global shutdown.


You can see the HUB24 affiliates offer some balanced advice on the marketplace conditions in the wake of the COVID19 crisis here – HUB24 Affiliate COVID19 Assessment on marketplace.


We created 12 individual Investment Manager Focus videos.


One video with advice on things to consider through the Covid19 crisis and how it might effect investment and the economy.


And one testimonial video concentrating on all 12 clients’ positive comments on HUB24.


Platform Alpha Launch


As part of their upcoming roadshow events, our client needed a big picture/high level statement hype reel to launch a new product. Based on a very specific client brief including their corporate guidelines, we created a dynamic launch video using a combination of stock footage, After-effects and bespoke animation.


Roadshow Event Coverage


The brief was to get coverage of the HUB24 roadshow planned for April 2. This was to include filming keynote speakers and Vox Pop. In addition to this, we would also provide an Event Highlights Video.


Due to the Covid19 outbreak, this was cancelled.


We are always on standby to assist our clients with planning and detailed budget breakdowns, along with options to amortise their costs.

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