3D Animated Demo of Nappy on Baby

Product Demo Video

3D Animation with Studio Style Video Production


An entrepreneur and businessman wanted to produce a video presentation of his new invention. The video needed to tease the business world while offering some details of this product. We also needed to demonstrate the benefit to the end-user. The result being to give parents more peace of mind with their baby or infants, when using nappies.


On initial discussions, we were invited to develop presentation options that were simple and dynamic. As the product needed explanation, and had some practical and health related application benefits, we opted for a direct approach and clinical style.


The live element of the video production was a simple studio environment with our client presenting to camera. This allowed for direct engagement with prospective affiliates with explanations, example and inspiration for the product.


The studio look was actually created at the client’s home as we replicated this environment with a plain white backdrop and full lighting and two cameras.


Then the technical detail of the product was offered in 3D animation. We created a representation of the product working in a way that was clinical and almost medical stylistically to endorse the health-related benefits.


The video offers potential investors a good overview of the benefits along with a demo on the product’s structure and how it works. And without the mess that might be associated with a live demonstration.


Leo has posted the video on YouTube for potential investors.

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