New Web-Site by Content King Productions

New Web-Site


Why the Content King Productions new web-site? So, quite simply we have updated our company web-site for two main reasons, while considering modern standards.


First of all, we want to have an easy to navigate and awesome looking shop front window to showcase our services and offer a few examples of some past work.


The second reason is to employ more of the SEO and marketing best practices that get our business to the top of Google’s ranking. It’s always a work in progress and learning curve but in this digital communication world, we like to keep up.


Here are some key points to consider when you are looking to update your web site:

  • Does your web-site reflect your company? Does it include all of your services and are you using all of the latest functionality and modern design standards?

  • How is your loading speed?

  • Do you have enough relevant content to keep your audience engaged?

  • Can you manage your content easily?

  • Have you considered all of your metadata and keywords for SEO optimisation?

  • Do you have an opportunity to blog and interact with social media leading back to your web-site?

  • Is your web-site mobile friendly?

  • Whatever your intent and purpose for the web-site, make sure you have a clear and obvious Call to Action.


So, these are some of the questions we asked ourselves before updating our web-site and hope that this helps you consider your digital presence. Whether you are creating a web-site or working on a marketing strategy, content is always important. Let us help you with your video needs and maximise your business’s commercial opportunities.

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