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Get More ROI – Conference and Events

Get More ROI

Logitech had a booth at the premier IT and Tech conference Integrate 2018. They wanted to cover their attendance with video for social media. Therefore, we discussed their specific plans and opportunities to extend the production from one “highlights video” to a series of video interviews. As a result, these third party endorsement videos help create more return on investment.

Additional social media videos can grow your audience.


If you are attending a conference, event or exhibitor trade fair it’s a good idea to consider how to get more value out of your investment. To confirm, costs include delegate registration expenses and your booth and stand. Therefore, it’s vital to your company’s branding profile to create as many leads and opportunities as possible. That is to say, wouldn’t it be great if you could showcase your key messaging and all of the work and effort poured into those few days beyond the event. And to reach a larger limitless audience.


Above all, consider your production needs carefully and whether you need to film for additional social media videos. These additional videos can be used on LinkedIn and other platforms to confirm your market position.


Here’s a snapshot of how we arrived at this extended video series.


Grow Your Audience

Opportunities to extend your investment further. Get more ROI by considering additional uses for your footage. Can you extend your production to cover social media videos and multiple marketing points.


Hosting an Event

Do you have your own trade shows and want to capture the energy including your delegates feedback? Moreover, can you put the spotlight on the latest service or product that’s about to hit the market?



Is one of your key executives or evangelists talking at the seminar?



Are your key customers attending that can endorse your service or product? Do you have affiliates there that can endorse the extended value of your offering?


Product Demo

Are you showcasing your latest product?


Return on Investment

These are some of the many opportunities and advantages of having a video production team covering your event experience along with putting the spotlight on your latest product or service. The completed video or videos can then be used to extend your ROI and create a conduit back to your web site or specific digital campaigns.


You can see Nelson Padilla on connectedTV at Integrate 2018 here.

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