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Filming Overseas

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Filming Overseas


Our client TruRating have been doing a series of testimonial videos. They offer their clients the chance to discuss their software product including the impact it has on their staff and sales. This includes the technology and service on a practical level. For instance, how it works within their business from the shop floor to management reports.


These “word of mouth” videos have been a great success for TruRating, while also allowing each of their clients to have a platform to promote their brand too. This series of videos was given a sub-heading title and theme – A TruRating Story.


To demonstrate their international reach, TruRating have commissioned several videos across the UK and here in Australia and New Zealand. You can see these videos at this link. We created four of these videos including Bendon Lingerie and Kathmandu for this international shoot. We also created the RPG-Nike video in Melbourne and the City Beach video at the Gold Coast.


As mentioned, Content King Productions are the production company for the videos on the Australasian side of the world. As a result, this included a shoot in Auckland, New Zealand. Firstly, we had to film two client videos including one head office shoot in Melbourne for the management comments. Secondly, we had to film at two shop locations in Auckland New Zealand.  Above all, we had to complete these productions in limited time and on budget. We always complete the brief on target.


We also have crew all over Australia and New Zealand so unless you want to use the same crew, flying them to each location, we can brief our remote crew with a style guide and shotlist to complete the filming/production. The digital files are then sent back to Sydney for editing and completion.


Subsequently, our client TruRating had two videos, including filming overseas and without any additional costs.


You can also see some of these videos at the following links:


City Beach –  case study

RPG – Nike –  blog section


In addition, we also provided the client with smaller cut downs of these videos for social media bite size clips.

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