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Corporate Video Bloopers Reel

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Corporate Video Bloopers Reel


After a full day of production, there were plenty of moments throughout the process where the executives in front of the camera had a few laughs. This included missing a cue, forgetting script lines and even a few ‘close-calls’ with throwing the main prop, a Rubik’s Cube. This inspired the need for a HUB24 Video Bloopers Reel.


The purpose of the video wasn’t only to demonstrate the company’s many advantages in their field of expertise, but it was also a great way to introduce the people behind the company. A company’s profile and reputation can be a great the ‘shop-front-window’ but HUB24 wanted to provide their clients with an insight to the people that make it all work so well. And they also wanted a more personable connection with their clients. These were some of the reasons that steered their decision to create the video. All of this also prompted a more fun version of the video that really demonstrated the ‘human’ side of their team with a fun look at the bloopers and mishaps of the day.


You can see the fun side of creating a corporate video for social media here. While we concentrate on making sure you get the right end result.


You can see the HUB 24 Video Bloopers Reel on their YouTube channel here.


Or please check their main social media video at our case study portfolio page – HUB24 Social Media Video here.



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